The Assamese short film “Xogun (vulture)”, directed and scripted by Utpal Borpujari and adapted from an acclaimed short story by famous writer-journalist Manoj Kumar Goswami, has been shortlisted for the International Children’s Rights Film Festival ( ICRFF), to be held in Izmir city of Turkey.

The festival, held annually to raise awareness of children’s rights by the Association for Culture and Art of Children’s Rights, will be held from November 12 to 20 in Turkey’s historic coastal city.

Produced by the sociocultural organization IFT India based in Guwahati, “Xogun” has already been screened in several prestigious short film festivals, such as the Bengaluru International Short Film Festival, the 14th Signs Festival (Thiruvananthapuram), the New York Indian Film Festival and Tasveer South Asian Film Festival (United States).

The film was also shortlisted for the upcoming 4th South Asian Short Film Festival (Kolkata) and the Koutik International Film Festival (Uttarakhand). Previously, ‘Xogun’ won the Best Picture Award at the 13th Guwahati International Film Festival and an Honorable Mention at the Kashmir International Film & Cultural Festival and was nominated for Best Picture at the 5th Chalachitram National Film Festival, Guwahati.

Shot in the Agia region of Goalpara with the support of Badunduppa Kala Kendra, the film, like the original story, takes a hard and critical look at certain aspects of modern journalistic practices in a powerful way.

The cast of ‘Xogun’ includes veterans like Sanjeev Hazorika and Dhananjay Nath, as well as young talents like Rimjhim Deka and Ankit Shandilya and child actors Kapil Garo (of ‘Ishu’ fame), Anurag Rabha, Phanibhushan Rabha and Ashish Rabha. .

The team includes Basanta Kumar Borthakur (executive producer), Chida Bora (cinematography), Umesh Kumar (editor), Amrit Pritam Dutta (sound design, editing and mixing), Anurag Saikia (music), Debajit Gayan (production sound mixer) , Ghanashyam Kalita (colorist and deputy chief director), Dipika Deka (deputy director), Madan Rabha (art) and Homen Borah (production manager). Online production was carried out by 92X26 Films. The movie poster was designed by Samudra Kajal Saikia.

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