– From August 12 to 19, the festival will present 51 films in its four competitive sections, including 21 world premieres

Actors Marija Pikić and Enes Kozličić in A balladby Aida Begic

Now reaching its 28th edition, the Sarajevo Film Festival (August 12-19) announced its competition sections, where 51 films will compete for the Heart of Sarajevo awards. The competition’s individual sections – for feature films, documentaries, short fiction films and student works – will consist of 21 world premieres, seven international, one European, 21 regional and one national.

The feature film competition will have eight titles, up from 10 the previous year, and will be evenly split between world and regional premieres as well as a majority of female filmmakers. A ballad by Aida Begic, the festival’s most notable Bosnian world premiere, is featured in this section, having been developed during the festival’s CineLink Industry Days. The film features a nice meta element, where an unambitious housewife and mother returns to the town where she grew up and, after learning that a movie is being shot in her neighborhood, decides to audition. The prize for the best feature film will be a prize in the amount of €16,000, co-sponsored by the Sarajevo Canton Tourism Association.

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The documentary competition has 22 titles, compared to 16 the previous year, even if eight of them could be qualified as short films, one of which is a new work by the director recently selected at Cannes. Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk. There is also a 47-minute long film, making it a medium-length film or a featurette: beauty of the beast by Anna Eszter Nemes, a Hungarian-Serbian co-production. The prize for the best feature film in this section will receive a reward of €4,000, sponsored by the Swiss government.

The programming team, led by the creative director of the festival Izeta Građevicviewed a total of 751 titles submitted for the festival, with its competitive sections reserved for films from the Balkan region and Eastern Europe.

Previously announced by the festival, the winners of the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo Sergei Loznitsa, Paul Schraderand Ruben Ostlundincluding the winner of the Palme d’Or triangle of sadness [+see also:
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interview: Ruben Östlund
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will also open the festival.

The full list of contest titles is as follows:

Feature Film Competition

A balladAida Begic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
men of actionPaul Negoescu (Romania/Bulgaria)
RidersDominik Mencej (Slovenia/Croatia/Serbia/Italy/Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Six weeksNoemi Veronika Szakonyi (Hungary)
Bodice [+see also:
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interview: Marie Kreutzer
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Marie Kreutzer (Austria/Luxembourg/Germany/France)
Klondike [+see also:
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interview: Maryna Er Gorbach
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Maryna Er Gorbach (Ukraine/Turkey)
safe placeJuraj Lerotic (Croatia)
Serviam – I will serveRuth Mader (Austria)

Documentary film competition

Diary of a Bride of ChristMarta Smerechynska (Ukraine)
Lights of SarajevoSrđan Perkic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Liturgy of anti-tank obstacles – Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk (Ukraine/USA)
Paying a visit to FortunaMatyas Kalman (Hungary/Croatia)
In the shade of the plane treeAinur Elgunesh (Azerbaijan)
The Chalice. sons and daughtersCatalina Tesar, Dana Bunescu (Romania)
The film factorySilvestar Kolbas (Croatia)
Too closeBotond Püsok (Romania/Hungary)
BabajanjaAnte Zlatko Stolica (Croatia)
RetirementAnabela Angelovska (North Macedonia/Germany)
Bigger than the trauma [+see also:
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Vedrana Pribacic (Croatia)
another spring [+see also:
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interview: Mladen Kovačević
film profile
Mladen Kovacevic (Serbia/France/Qatar)
A provincial hospital [+see also:
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Ilan Metev, Ivan Chertov, Zlatina Teneva (Bulgaria/Germany)
Atonal glowAlexander Koridze (Georgia)
beauty of the beastAnna Eszter Nemes (Hungary/Serbia)
fragile memoryIgor Ivanjko (Ukraine)
Live togetherThomas Furhapter (Austria)
MicrobiotaStavros Petropoulos (Greece)
No place for you in our city [+see also:
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Nikolai Stefanov (Bulgaria)
ribsFarah Hasanbegovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina/Hungary/Belgium/Portugal)
Revolution MuseumSrđan Keca (Serbia/Croatia/Czech Republic)

Short film competition

AffricateAnna Gyimesi (Hungary)
It’s quiet here.Novruz Hikmet, Olena Podolianko (Ukraine)
my neighbor wolfNebojsa Slijepcevic (Croatia/Serbia)
Together, AloneKasim Ordek (Turkey/France)
Alba VulbaDorka Vermes (Hungary)
AmokBalazs Turai (Hungary/Romania)
money and happinessAna Nedeljkovic, Nikola Majdak Jr. (Serbia/Slovenia/Slovakia)
On the throne of XerxesEvi Kalogiropoulou (Greece)
This is how the summer endedMatjaz Ivanisin (Slovenia/Hungary/Italy)
5 p.m. SeasideValentin Sejskal (Greece/Austria)

Student Film Competition

It’s not cold for mosquitoesJosip Lukic (Croatia)
My NikolaMartina Marasovic (Croatia)
RainbowSandra Maric (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
The other end of the streetKalman Nagy (Austria/Hungary)
Water balloons – Aleksa Borković (Serbia)
HollywoodLeni Gruber, Alex Reinberg (Austria)
my friendCarina Dasoveanu (Romania)
My sister and meTheodor Ioniță (Romania)
InfatuationBianka Szelestey (Hungary)
Fog at restNikolett Fabian (Hungary)
The space analogyOleksandre Hoisan (Ukraine)

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