The largest Mexican film festival outside of Mexico, Hola México Film Festival presented by Toyota, returns for its 14th annual edition October 2-10, 2022 during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Tickets for the Hola Mexico Film Festival presented by Toyota will go on sale Friday, September 2, 2022:®id=9& item&utm_content=bottombuybutton1

Following the triumphant return to in-person attendance last year, Hola México Film Festival (HMFF) will once again give viewers the opportunity to come together to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by seeing some of the latest and greatest classic films. came from Mexico. The festival brings together more than 10,000 moviegoers to see more than 20 films, many of which make their premieres with red carpet galas featuring the biggest actors and directors of Mexican cinema.

Hola México Film Festival presented by Toyota will feature over 20 films and 20 shorts from its Tomorrows Filmmakers Today program.

Samuel Douek, the founder and director of HMFF, had this to say about last year’s return to in-person attendance:

“Last year’s festival was a triumph for everyone involved, from the directors and actors who created the incredible films and walked the red carpets to all the fans of Mexican cinema who came out. The 14th annual this year will be even greater!”

“Film is one of the best platforms for cultural expression in the arts,” said Alex Chau, Brand Media Manager and Integrated Marketing Operations for Toyota Motor North America. “We are thrilled to once again participate in the Hola Mexico Film Festival to showcase the rich and vibrant stories that touch audiences and promote cultural pride for Latinos in the United States.”

The October 2 opening night film screening, “Lecciones Para Canallas” (Lessons For The Thugs) will be held at the Montalban Theater located at 1615 Vine St, Hollywood, CA 90028.

Both moving and hilarious, this singular comedy begins when Jenny (Danae Reynaud) travels to Mexico City in search of her father following the sudden death of her mother. But she soon discovers that her father is far from a conventional guy. Barry el Sucio (played by the extraordinary Joaquín Cosío) is a seasoned and charismatic con artist who abandoned her as a child. The two begin as strangers trying to find common ground, as Barry introduces her to his world of deception by revealing the tricks of the “trade”. Realized by . Gustavo Moheno, the cast includes Joaquin Cosio, Danae Reynaud and Diana Bovio. (Mexico 2022, 95min)

HMFF will end with an awards ceremony. Awards will include Best Director, Best Short and Best Audience.

The festival includes the following sections: México Ahora, Documental, El Otro México and Nocturno. México Ahora presents the best of Mexican films released in recent years, covering all genres. Documentary includes notable non-fiction films made by Mexican filmmakers. El Otro Mexico shines a light on the experiences of Mexicans rarely portrayed on screen, deftly presenting insightful narratives that challenge the status quo. The Nocturno section offers quirky stories and horror films.

A special showcase of two Mexican films from the golden age of Mexican cinema: “Sombra Verde” (starring Ricardo Montalban himself and directed by Roberto Gabaldon and “La Mujer Murcielago” (Batwoman) a decades-lost film directed by the famous Rene Cardona Both films have been completely restored in HD and will be screened on the magnificent roof of the Montalban theatre.


Hola Mexico Film Festival presented by Toyota will feature the following films:
· Un Retrato De Familia / A Family Portrait – Dir. Adrian Zurita
Go Por Diego / For Diego – Dir. miguel flatow
La Vida En Silencio / Life In Silence – Rodrigo Arnaez
50 (O 2 ballenas se encuentran en la playa / 50 Or Two Whales Meet At The Beach – Director Jorge Cuchi
· Estacion Catorce – Dir. Diana Cardozo
· Nudo Mixteco – Dir. Angeles Cruz
· Lecciones Para Canallas / Lessons for scoundrels – Dir. Gustavo Moheno
· El Hoyo En La Cerca / The Hole In The Fence Dir. Laurent Vigas
· Manto De Gemas / Dress Of Gems – Natalia López Gallardo
· Civil – Dir. Theodora Mihai
· Mi novia es la revolución / My girlfriend is the revolution – Dir. Marcelino Islas
· Finland – Dir. Horace Alcala
· El Norte Sobre El Vacío / Northern Sky on Empty Space – Dir. Alejandra MarquezAbella
· El Diablo Entre Las Piernas / Devil between the legs – Dir. Arturo Ripstein
· Dias Negros – Dir. Francisco Laresgoiti
Huesera – Real, Michelle Garza Cervera
· Gods of Mexico – Dir. Helmut Dosantos
· Un México Perro… El Héroe Verdadero /The story of El Perro Aguayo – Dir. Rafael Aparicio, Andres Klimek
· Temporada De Campo / Becoming – Dir. Isabelle Vaca
· Satanic Hispanics – Dir. Mike Mendez, Demian Rugna, Eduardo Sanchez, Gigi Saul Guerrero and Alejandro Brugues.

Hola Mexico Film Festival prides itself on creating unique posters by working with Mexican graphic designers. This year, the graphic designer from San Luis Potosi Mexico, Monserrat Ventura, combines Mexican culture and the art of cinema. In pre-Hispanic culture, masks were made to materialize the intangible by making it visible to spiritual beings for worship. This poster represents the Mexican culture of showing the divinity and the tangible, the spiritual and the human. Taking different graphic elements representing Mexico, its history and cinema, merging a woman with a dress and a rebozo combined with the cinematic elements representing a dance seen from above.

Hola México Film Festival also offers a prestigious mentorship program, Tomorrow’s Filmmakers Today (TFT), which connects young Latino filmmakers based in the United States with much-needed resources and industry leaders. The long-term goals of the program are to increase Latin American representation in the global film industry and foster meaningful collaborations among program participants. HMFF highlights the work of TFT alumni through the TFT CENTERPIECE film showcase during the festival. For more information about TFT, please visit

About the Hola México Film Festival:

Founded in 2008, Hola Mexico Film Festival, the largest Mexican film festival outside of Mexico, strives to spotlight the best and brightest talents in Mexican cinematography. Covering comedies, dramas, horror films and documentaries, the festival presents high-quality films in a festive atmosphere in conjunction with exclusive parties and outdoor concerts. Celebrating its 14th edition, Hola Mexico Film Festival will take place in October 2022, offering moviegoers a chance to see a variety of important Mexican films. Sponsors include: Toyota, Hollywood Foreign Press, Warner Media, DCA and LA Plaza de Cultura Y Artes.

Samuel Douek, founder and director of HMFF, received his bachelor’s degree in marketing from Anahuac University in Mexico City and his master’s degree in event management in Sydney, Australia, where he founded Hola Mexico Film Festival. The festival has since become the largest of its kind outside of Mexico and is now a celebrated, annual tradition held in the capital of the world’s film industry, Los Angeles, California.

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