At the start of the new millennium, a new order of comic actors was on the rise. These actors consistently released hit after hit of hilarious movies.

Not only have parody and satire taken on a new lease of life, but dramatic comedy has also gained prominence. These films varied wildly in style and tone, and still hold up two decades later.

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10) Wait

On Hold via YouTube YouTube Movies and Shows

Expect may not have the huge budgets and marketing of some of its competitors, but it had a lot of heart and authenticity about a dysfunctional group of restaurant workers.

The filmmaker took his experience working in a restaurant and crafted a story around it, which is usually how great movies are made. The hilarious nature of dining, cooking, and working relationships makes for an underrated experience.

9) Horror movie

Horror Movie via YouTube YouTube Movies and Shows

Parody films are nothing new. They have been around for decades. However, horror movie and its sequels sparked a new wave of it in more genres than just horror.

None of them were as funny as this one, but everything that followed is worth noting. So many 2000s parodies have followed this formula and it’s all thanks to this hilarious and raunchy movie.

8) Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead via YouTube YouTube Movies and Shows

Simon Pegg was still unknown to the American public when Sean of the Dead rocked comedy and horror fans alike. He managed to seamlessly combine the two genres into something completely new.

The film featured a very likeable cast and had a different spin on the zombie genre being played. On top of that, it also offered fans a different type of ending than they’re probably used to.

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Borat via YouTube YouTube Movies and Shows

Fans were really beginning to understand Sacha Baron Cohen’s comedic madness when Borat came out first. Most likely, the comic landscape still hasn’t recovered yet.

The movie was offensive and insulting in all the right ways. It caused just enough outrage to get people interested, which is what good comedy, especially improv comedy, is supposed to do.

6) Presenter

Presenter via YouTube YouTube Movies and Shows

If it wasn’t clear to the public that Will Ferrell was a force to be reckoned with, then Presenter definitely put it on the map. Ron Burgundy, too, has become a cultural force in his own right.

The film featured an all-star cast that took the ’70s to a ridiculous extreme. More than that, he also tackled the subject of sexism in the workplace in a hilariously good way.

5) Super bad

Superbad via YouTube YouTube Movies and Shows

super bad is a relatively bizarre film. It was written by Seth Rogen when he was an immature kid and decided to leave all the immature jokes in there when they filmed it as an adult.

It’s steamy and completely shameless. The plot is as basic as it gets about kids just trying to get laid at a party. Yet, surprisingly, the movie has plenty of heart to go along with its laughs.

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4) Knocked up

Knocked Up via YouTube YouTube Movies and Shows

knocked up exemplifies a certain type of trend in 2000s comedy. This means that it featured films that attempted to deal with everyday situations in a humorous yet dramatic way.

It also made Seth Rogen and his fellow potheads the comedy actors to watch over the decade. That’s not even taking into account Katherine Heigl’s amusing portrayal of a successful woman getting knocked up by Seth Rogen’s goofy persona.

3) Tropic Thunder

Source: Tropic Thunder, Blu-Ray

It’s hard to think of a 2000s comedy that had a more impressive cast than Thunder in the tropics. Ben Stiller directed the film, but it was Jack Black, Tom Cruise, Danny McBride and Robert Downey Jr. who made it special.

Besides the absurd dialogue, the film took the war action to a ridiculous extreme. There were explosions, shootings and so much violence in the jungle that his caste of idiots didn’t know how to cope.

2) Old school

Old School via YouTube YouTube Movies and Shows

Old school was about to transition from the comedy era of the 90s to the 2000s. It was definitely the right movie at the right time to introduce something new to audiences.

Vince Vaughn, Luke Wilson and Will Ferrell hilariously worked together to portray old men reliving their college fantasies. The film delivered a plethora of memorable dialogue while featuring a hilarious Jeremy Piven.

1) Marriage Breakers

Wedding Crashers via YouTube YouTube Movies and Shows

It is difficult to find an aspect of wedding accidents it doesn’t reach hilarious proportions. The movie is about Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson arranging marriages to sleep with women, and they’re pretty good at it.

They get into trouble when they try to crash Christopher Walken’s daughter’s wedding. More than that, the film also features Bradley Cooper, Isla Fisher, and even Rachel McAdams. With all their strength combined, wedding crashes is something to remember.

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