Loans for separated parents, happens in Veneto

Job loss is the main cause of sudden impoverishment, the second is separation. Families that break up doubling the costs of home, bills, taxes, lawyers, more frequent cases than you think. for further explanation

Throughout Italy it is estimated that there are at least five million single-parent households, in most cases (85 percent) with single women. About 200 thousand live in the Veneto region.

Now, at least for those who live in the northeast region, specific financial support arrives for such as these, separated or single parents.
It happens in Veneto, where a specific regional law has allocated 700 thousand USD to grant loans of honor to families of this type. It is expected that at least 140 families will be granted loans of up to 5 thousand USD. Something similar had already been experimented in Umbria, for this round of financing those who reside in the Veneto for at least two years have the precedence.

The notice is aimed at helping families with one parent and one or more children in the expenses to be undertaken (in the specific healthcare costs and rent of the house). The interventions are financed with an experimental fund with which loans are provided at a zero rate.

The initiative implements the provisions of regional law n.29 of 2012 on the support of single-parent families and separated or divorced parents in difficult situations.

The goal is to guarantee these citizens, who often find themselves suddenly in economic crisis due to a separation, to be able to continue to maintain all the conditions that are necessary to play their role as parents and not risk – for mere question economic – to be in housing difficulties.

Contributions paid

Contributions paid

The chosen form is that of the loan of honor or microcredit without guarantees required and at zero rate. Contributions of up to 5 thousand USD are made for the purchase of goods such as rent or medical expenses. “Medical expenses” means those relating to services, examinations and the purchase of medical devices with the exception of cosmetic surgery.
It is money to be returned according to personalized return plans.

Deadline for applications

Deadline for applications

On November 30, those interested are quick to report the need to their Municipality. There has been much controversy because the announcement was opened a few days ago, there is objectively little time.

Where to present the questions

Applications must be submitted to the municipality of residence.

How much the available ceiling is

The resources are small: 700 thousand USD. But it is a revolving fund, in which new money is immediately available as the loans are repaid.



Being resident in Veneto or, if a non-EU foreigner, with a valid residence permit. Being a single parent family or with single, divorced or separated parents. You must have an Isee certified income that is not less than 5 thousand and does not exceed 25 thousand USD. Preferred lane for those with a disabled child at home.

Who can’t access

Those who have already received public funds between 2012 and 2013 cannot participate.

The Isee

The indicator of the equivalent economic situation is a way to measure the overall wealth according to objective parameters. The tax assistance centers of associations and unions, local authorities and social security offices issue it.

A simulation of the calculation Isee offers the site of the social security by clicking here.

Single-parent families in Veneto

The nuclei in which only one parent is present are about 10% of the total families. In the vast majority of cases, nine times out of ten, they are single mothers with minor children. Of these single mothers, half are widows, 40% separated or divorced and the rest are single.
The explanation of why women in this type of family prevail in such a way is due to two factors

  1. the average lifespan of women is higher than that of men
  2. mainly in divorces and separations, children are entrusted to the mother: it happens 8 times out of ten.

Regional law establishing the Fund

It is the regional law 29 of 212. With it the Veneto Region wants to guarantee the recognition of social rights to individuals and families with particular attention to those families – estimated at around 200 thousand in the Veneto region – where there are minor children and whether they are composed of a single parent or the result of a separation or divorce. The law also promotes the implementation of memoranda of understanding between different realities that aim to create assistance networks in support of single parents. In particular:

  • remove the difficulties related to housing, housing, access to credit to allow everyone the opportunity to create or maintain their own family;
  • helping women in difficulty and preventing termination of pregnancy, due to economic reasons, through pre and post partum support;
  • create flexible job opportunities on time and in ways, even with specific provisions in the employment contracts for single-parent families;
  • facilitate access to fast credit to meet the primary needs of the most fragile families, starting from home and health;
  • create specific information services for single-parent families;
  • create psychological support pathways that aim to overcome discomfort, recover their autonomy and fully maintain the parental role.