On Saturday, October 1, filmmakers from across the region and around the world will gather at the Doug Smith Performing Arts Center in Georgetown, Texas for the 4th Annual GTX Film Festival.

“We have [films submitted from] 14 foreign countries this year,” Beth Baker, executive director of GTX Film, Inc., told Hello Georgetown. “We have seven to 10 categories, generally speaking, in any given year, and that includes the youth categories.”

Among the films submitted, 21 were selected as finalists and will be screened at the festival:

  • Documentary report: My Stupid Tribute Band (Dallas, TX)
  • Foreign characteristic: The ugly truth (Germany)
  • Foreign Shorts: A roll in the hay (France)
  • Narrative feature: Ranch Water (Smithville, TX)
  • Short narrative: Ms. Rossi 2: Ms. Rossi Takes The Cake (California and Italy)
  • Short narrative: The Sound (Austin, TX)
  • Short narrative: Lifecell (Arlington and Dallas, TX)
  • Short narrative: Bumblebee (Georgia)
  • Short narrative: Is it my fault? (Georgetown, TX)
  • Short narrative: Soledad (Edinburgh, Texas)
  • Short narrative: Abandoned (Huntsville, TX)
  • Short narrative: The FOUR STOPS (Fort Worth, TX)
  • Short narrative: Operation Zeugung (Cat Spring, TX)
  • Short student: Tejano Night (Austin, Texas)
  • Short student: Huneebee (Wesleyan University)
  • Short student: Big Iron (DePaul University and Lipscomb University)
  • Youth short film: Disappeared (Pflugerville, TX)
  • Youth short film: Shelter (California)
  • Youth short film: Hunter (New Jersey)
  • Youth short film: A conversation with E (Canada)
  • Youth short film: The Hole (Poland)

INTERACTIVE: click and zoom on the map below to display information on the various finalist films and their origin

Although this is the 4th festival, this will be the first year that the GTX Film Festival has been held at the Doug Smith Performing Arts Center.

“Georgetown is a great destination for a film festival, especially now that we’re at the Doug Smith Center,” Cindy Weigand, president of GTX Film, Inc., told Hello Georgetown. “It’s exciting that we’re now in the cultural quarter…we’ll be recognized more as an art…writing the story, putting the story together, the editing, making it all cohesive, I think it’s really an art. “

The festival begins at 10:00 a.m. and will continue until around 8:00 p.m., and Baker explained that the festival is more than just watching movies, but encompasses a whole experience in the square.

“People have a list of movies they might want to see,” Baker said. “They’re not going to sit here for 10 hours and watch movies…they’re going to go through the list and check off what they want to see, and then they’re going to go out and have the place in Georgetown where there’s going to be dinner and shopping, and everything the place of Georgetown has to offer, so it brings a whole demographic that Georgetown didn’t have before to this cultural district.

Tickets are $30 each and are available at www.gtxfilm.org. The ticket price includes a taco bar and beer, plus an after-festival party. Participants must wear their bracelet. For more information, visit the GTX Film website or follow them on Facebook Where instagram.

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