NEW HOPE, PA – “The Ferryman,” a British production about an attractive but reckless young woman who runs an underground club while her military boyfriend tries to intervene, won Best Picture at the 2022 New Hope Film Festival.

“This year’s festival combined physical and virtual events for the second year in a row,” said New Hope Film Festival President Doug Whipple. “The strong participation of filmmakers, live audience Q&As and online networking opportunities created an energetic atmosphere for all in attendance.”

Best Documentary went to “Frank Bey: All My Dues Are Paid,” a biographical film about the eponymous American soul-blues artist. Co-directors Tom Dwyer and Lisa Palattella followed Bey for two years to make the film. The Best Director award went to Turkish-born filmmaker Sevgi Hirschhauser for Toprak, an atmospheric family drama set in rural Turkey.

Hollywood veteran Christopher M. Allport won Best Narrative Feature honors for his romantic comedy, “Emily or Oscar?” and a 19th-century period piece by Brussels filmmaker Patricia Delso Lucas, “For I Am Dead,” won best short.

Other short film award winners include Best Alternative Film, “Break Any Spell” (Anton Josef, Canada), a contemporary drama about a teenage girl who uses live action role-playing (LARPing) to cope with his mother’s dementia and the best action thriller, “Something in the Clouds.”

“Local 1196: A Steelworkers Strike (Samuel George, USA) scooped the Cultural Spirit award for its raw portrayal of rural blue-collar workers. Tap-dancing skills entertained audiences at the New Hope Arts Center during “Identity: The Andrew Nemr Story” (Jonathan Cipiti, USA), a film that won honors for Best Biographical Film.

New Hope native Xan Rayne Poulsen won Best Animated Feature for his ironically satirical Savannah College of Art and Design student project, “The Sweetest Blanket in All of Dingledorf.”

An in-depth look at a couple’s struggle to find decent medical care for their autistic son, ‘Love and Communication’ (James Christy, USA), won awards for Best Narrative Feature and Independent Spirit from the public after playing in a sold-out theater.

“Grafton” (Bryan Santiago, USA) won the People’s Choice Award for TV Pilot for the story of a woman who wanders into a mysterious town where she finds herself married to a man she never met. meet. The Female Eye Filmmaking Award went to Tianjin’s Shiyue Xu, “China for YuanYuan,” a courageous short film about a girl who clumsily tries to keep her family intact.

The Audience Awards, which are determined solely by audience votes, included Best Documentary “Breaking the Silence” (Dara Sanandaji, Freddie Bell, USA), Best Documentary Short
“Mountains We Climb” (Ryan Canney, USA) and Best Short Film “Aghast!” (Andreas Quiroga, United States). Director Ryan Canney is a graduate of CB East High School and a native of Doylestown.

In the New Hope Film Festival screenplay competition, the prize for best screenplay went to “GODOS” (David Christopher Loya, USA), a sci-fi thriller about a quantum technology that brings the dead back to life in virtual reality, wreaking havoc on the world.

With a related supernatural theme, “Preacher’s Daughter: Giant Slayer” (Gregory Bonds, USA) won Best Narrative Feature Script for a fantasy thriller about the US military’s discovery of Nephilim-like giants. in the mountains of Afghanistan. Winner of Best Streaming/Premium Television Script
“Transformed” (Shannon TL Kearns, USA) explores transgender experiences in New York. Best Period Screenplay, ‘Wake of the Quasimodo’ (Lorna Norrise and Lauren Rosson, USA) and Best Short Script, ‘A Package of Dreams’ (Bradley M. Look, USA) complete the list of winners.

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