Te writer-director Quentin Dupieux, also known as the French DJ Mr. Oizo, takes a silly premise and treats it with serious deadpan in this hilariously funny dark comedy. Jean Dujardin embodies Georges, a man whose deerskin jacket is the epitome of killer style. It’s short, fringed, and according to the vintage dealer he just bought it from, it was Made in Italy. Of course, the price of $ 7,500 may have caused his ex-wife to block their joint bank account – the point is, he’s head over heels and love is a potent drug.

Back at the ruined hotel on the mountainside where he booked a month-long stay, he begins to channel the voice of clothing. “My biggest dream is to be the only jacket in the world,” he purrs. Georges’ biggest dream is to be the only person in the world to wear one. This fantasy becomes the basis of an amateur film when he meets the barmaid and future editor Denise (Adèle Haenel de Portrait of a Lady on Fire).

Soon, the bizarre Georges makes strangers take off their coats and swear directly in front of the camera that they will never “wear a jacket again”. Denise is impressed by the images but demands “more action” and “more blood”. So George shapes a blade from the propeller of a ceiling fan and the movie goes into slasher mode.

Dujardin plays it ingeniously straight, launching into a violent outburst to French lounge music. It’s smiley to see the actor swap his prominent male allure for strong loser energy, struggling to toss a substandard corduroy blazer down the toilet and taking a cowboy hat with stiff fingers. of a corpse.

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