This week in Monaco was marked by the 19th Monte-Carlo Comedy Film Festival. However, there were other interesting things happening in the Principality and here is a brief update for you.

Can Yaman © Riccardo Ghilardi

Everyone was waiting Can Yaman show up on Friday 29 at Monte-Carlo Film Comedy Festivalthe event designed and chaired by Ezio GreggioWho takes place from April 25 to 30 in the Principality of Monaco.

The charming Turkish actor, who has gained international popularity thanks to numerous successful series, came to Monte-Carlo to receive a worldly prize during the Gala evening which will take place on Saturday 30and April, at the Grimaldi Forum in Monte-Carlo.

ABB Formula E
@ ABB Formula E. Photo Germain Hazard / DPPI

The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship returns for the fifth time to the emblematic streets of Monaco.

Monaco have already marked a milestone for the Championship, with the Gen3 rider for Season 9 officially unveiled yesterday. The car will be faster, lighter and more powerful than its predecessors, in addition to being the most efficient with at least 40% of the energy used produced by regenerative braking during the race.

For ABB, Season 9 also marks the start of its role as official charging supplier. Together with engineers from motorsport’s governing body, the FIA ​​and Formula E, ABB is developing an innovative and safe solution for charging Gen3 cars. These portable charging units will be able to charge two cars simultaneously, delivering 80 kW of power to each vehicle, for a total of 160 kW of output per charger. This means that every race team will benefit from a one unit “double charge” capability and a significant reduction in charger footprint.

Monegasque teams win medals in Greco-Roman wrestling and rowing

Think of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games…an Olympic sport. One of the classics is Greco-Roman wrestling. Greco-Roman wrestling (Greco-Roman wrestling, classical wrestling or French wrestling) is a style of wrestling that is practiced around the world and was included in the very first modern Olympic Games in 1896 and has been in all editions of the Games Summer Olympics held since 1904.

Earlier this month, six Monegasque licensees took part in the French national champions in Greco-Roman wrestling. Guided by their coach Grigori Buliga, veteran world champion in 2013, AS Monaco did more than well.

Monte-Carlo Film Comedy Festival
Tom Leeb, Clara Ponsot, Ezio Greggio, Paul Haggis, Pierpaolo Spollon ©MCFF

The Festival is currently taking place from April 25 to 30, 2022 at the Grimaldi Forum.

EZIO GREGGIO officially opened this exciting 19th edition: “This Monte-Carlo Film Festival brings laughter, hope and a message of peace to the world”.

Paul Haggis, double Oscar winner, assumes the role of president of the jury with his fellow legal actors Tom Leeb, Clara Ponsot and Pierpaolo Spollon.

I love art: Axel Lefrancais
@ Photos Landy Production and Axel Lefrancais

Her resin grenades bombard us with a message of love. He doesn’t look like the post. He was a rugby player, and has a physique to match with the luminous idealistic face of a teenager and a simplicity that is a thousand leagues from anything mundane. Axel Lefrançais entered the world of art as if it were a religion, that is to say with an unshakable faith in love. Its rules of life are to fight against all forms of violence. His weapons? Grenades and brass knuckles sculpted in resin with surprisingly aesthetic contours. The 35-year-old designer shared his thoughts in a heartfelt and insightful interview.