Is comedy your favorite genre of film? Since you are currently reading British Comedy Guide, we hope you are!

Whether it’s letting you relax at the end of the day with a laugh, improving your mental health, or helping you connect with loved ones, comedies are just what you need in your life. .

When it comes to the best comedy films, you can’t do much better than British films, mainly for the dry humor and elements of satire. We bet you can think of a number of brilliant British productions that made you laugh, but which are the most popular overall?

One way to spot a hit movie is to look at how much it did at the box office, an indicator of how many people wanted to see the movie in theaters.

Here are four British comedies that invented it when they came out…

Life of Brian from Monty Python

Life of Brian from Monty Python

This British comedy, first released in November 1979, was created by the group Monty Python. It’s about how a man called Brian Cohen continues to be mistaken for the Messiah. An easy mistake for the characters in the story to make: he was born on the same day, as well as next door.

Although it caused controversy when it was released (a number of theaters banned it), it was still a big hit for the sketch group. Brian’s life was the highest-grossing British film in the United States that year and has proven popular in the video rental and DVD purchase markets on both sides of the pond ever since. That’s no surprise, as it often pops up in lists of the best comedies of all time, prompting people who haven’t seen it yet to seek it out. They are richly rewarded.

The full Monty

The full Monty. Picture shows left to right: Gerald (Tom Wilkinson), Nathan (William Snape), Gaz (Robert Carlyle), Lomper (Steve Huison), Guy (Hugo Speer), Horse (Paul Barber), Dave (Mark Addy)

Then we have to talk about The full Monty. Released in 1997, this production is classified as a black comedy film. Essentially, the story revolves around a male strip act created by former steel workers. You might be thinking to yourself, “Is this low-budget movie really on the list of top-performing movies?” Well, one of the facts you may not have known The full Monty is that it is one of the most successful films at the UK box office, grossing a whopping £52.2 million.

Dark comedies consistently prove to be among the most popular among audiences around the world. It’s not just in the UK. More contemporary American-made dark comedies like The House – which earned $34.2 million at the box office – also performed well.


The in-between movie. Image shows L to R: Jay Cartwright (James Buckley), Neil Sutherland (Blake Harrison), Simon Cooper (Joe Thomas), Will MacKenzie (Simon Bird). Copyright : Bwark Productions

People were very excited when they learned that their favorite current British sitcom, Intermediate, was being made into a movie. This was clearly going to have a lot of people heading to the cinema to see the end result. Indeed, it turned out to be, and the film instantly broke box office records when it grossed over £13million in its opening weekend. Following a group of teenagers going on their first vacation together, the relatable story may have spawned a spoofed sequel a few years later.

Notting Hill

Drum roll please… We’ll end this list with the highest-grossing British comedy of all time, Notting Hill. Released in 1999, it was unquestionably a hit.

Just in case you haven’t seen it, we’ll point out that it stars Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, and is about the love between a simple unknown accountant and a famous American actor. Full of love, laughter, joy, and a touch of heartbreak, this movie drew moviegoers around the world, grossing a total of $363 million at the box office. With reruns airing throughout the year, this movie’s popularity doesn’t seem to be dying anytime soon.