LOS ANGELES, 28 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – The 2021 Asian World Film Festival (AWFF) today unveiled its list of competitions, highlights and special screenings. The Festival’s three programs will together feature fiction and documentaries from at least 14 nations, highlighting this year’s theme of unity. The program will include at least seven Oscars for Best International Feature Film and tributes to famous Chinese-American actresses Lisa Lu and Nancy kwan and Vietnamese-American actress Kieu Chinh. The closing night film will be South Korea official submission to the Oscars 2022®, To escape from Mogadishu. AWFF, now in its seventh year, will take place November, 1st – 11, 2021 at the Landmark Theater, West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles.

“AWFF’s Competition, Centerpiece and Special Screening series will highlight the stories, passions and beliefs of a wide range of accomplished and emerging Asian, Middle Eastern and Asian-American filmmakers, adding a window to Africa“said Georges N. Chamchoun, Director General of AWFF.” They shared the desire to create films for your reflection and your enjoyment despite the challenges of the past two years and to pay tribute to the hope of the ‘unity.”

The Competition lineup includes the US premiere of from Kyrgyzstan Shambala, the country’s official Oscar submission. The Centerpiece film is the documentary Qazaq: History of the Golden Man, directed by Igor Lopatonok and starring Pierre Olivier, also a producer who will attend the screening.

Among the Special Screenings, the director’s world premiere that of Michel Pascal feature documentary We are not alone, followed by a live question-and-answer session with the spiritual leader Deepak chopra. Additional US premieres of the festival include from Lebanon Yusif and from Kyrgyzstan The Road to Eden.

The AWFF 2021 jury members are: Sydney levine, cinema consultant (president of the jury); Loni anderson, actress, author, activist; Andrzej Bartkowiak, Director of Photography ; Lianne Hu, film producer, writer, actor, businessman; Cheng Sim-Lim, curator of the film; Pierre Luo, film producer, businessman; Arati Misro, film producer and Ivana nguyen, film producer, actress.

Additional programming will be announced in the coming week.


(** Official submission, 94e Oscars®)

If the wind drops (Armenia), drama, realized by Nora Martirossian **

Yuni (Indonesia), drama, directed by Kamila Andini **

Shambala (Kyrgyzstan), drama, directed by Artykpai Suyundukov **

American premiere

Al Garib (The foreigner) (Palestine), drama, directed by Ameer Fakher Eldin,

Sponsored by Jackson Market **

Whether it’s in the morning (Israel), drama, directed by Eran Kolirin **

pebbles (India), drama, directed by PS Vinothraj **

Brighton 4e (Georgia), drama, directed by Levan Koguash Vili **

200 meters (Palestine), thriller, directed by Ameen Nayfeh

Knew (Sri Lanka), drama, directed by Sanjeewa Pushpakumara

Fire (Kazakhstan), comedy, directed by Aizhan Kassymbek


The road to Eden (Kyrgyzstan), drama, directed by Dastan Zhaparuulu and Bakyt Mukul

American premiere

Wuhan Wuhan (China), documentary, directed by Yung Chang,

Presented by Starlight Media

Raging fire (Hong Kong), action thriller, directed by Benny chan,

Presented by Well Go, United States

A writer’s odyssey (China), fantastic action, directed by Lu Yang

Yusif (Lebanon), psychological thriller, directed by Mohamad Kazeem Fayad (Kazim Fayad), Sponsored by Regals de Bretagne


Qazaq History of the Golden Man (United States), documentary, directed by Igor Lopatonok


Flower Drum Song (United States, 1961), musical, directed by Henri koster,

60th birthday, actress Nancy kwan to participate

Ms. Wu’s disappearance (United States), comedy, directed by Anna chi,

Tribute to Lisa Lu’s 65th anniversary in entertainment, cast and crew appearances

The meanie (2017), South Korea, thriller, directed by Jung Byung-gil

Presented by the Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles

Ahimsa Gandhi: The power of the helpless (India) documentary, directed by Ramesh sharma

American (United States) comedy, directed by Iman K. Zawahry

Fathers (Cambodia), drama, directed by Huy Yaleng

Fall trip (United States, 2006), drama, directed by Ham Tran

Tribute to the film’s 15th anniversary. Actress Kieu Chinh will appear in person, followed by the signing of the book with Kieu Chinh, Vietnamese American actress, humanitarian, speaker and philanthropist.

Dawn of thunder (The origin of sango): Preview screening of the animated feature film by GDN Studios Nigeria. World premiere

Covid-19 Protocol: AWFF is committed to ensuring the safety of all participants at all events and locations and will comply with the standards set by the City of Los Angeles.

Sponsors and partners Include: Aitysh Film, The City of Culver, DAO Medical Group, The One Heart Movement, Winn Slavin Fine Arts, Stars Collective & Starlight, Snow Leopard Trust, Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Korean Cultural Center, LA, Asia Society, Asia Group Plus Holdings, Dutcher Crossing Winery, CBN 14.5, GDN STUDIOS (Nigeria), Variety, AKIpress, Art Confidential Magazine, The Landmark, SPRK Music, Prodocbus, Sparklight, Moredii, Novartizan, Asiania, AiKhun Entertainment, Fifth Atrium, DeJong Film, Beirut Film Society, Wende Museum of the Cold War, Jackson’s Market & Cafe , L’Amai, Pholicious, Emporium Thai, Kitchen 51, La Cuisine with Chef Josette & Normandie Country Bakery, Gaby’s Mediterranean LA & Regals De Bretagne.


The Asian World Film Festival (AWFF), founded by Kyrgyz public figure Sadyk Sher-Niyaz, brings the best of a wide selection of cinema from the Asian world to Los Angeles raise awareness of the wealth of filmmakers in the region and strengthen ties between Asian countries and Hollywood film industries. Uniting through intercultural collaboration, the Festival defends films from more than 50 countries through Asia, of Turkey To Japan and of Russia To India and the Middle East. All participating films have the unique opportunity to be guided through the tough awards season. They are also presented to members of the Motion Picture Academy, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and Entertainment Guilds for better exposure, media attention, and consideration for awards. AWFF is a non-profit organization under Aitysh, United States.

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