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Horror and comedy movies have more in co...

On Halloween, we celebrate the things that scare and amuse in equal measure. We don funny costumes and decorate our homes with plastic vampires, ghouls, and other depictions of things bumping into the night. Laughter mixes with screaming as we search for humor in the darker side of our culture. While horror and comedy may […]

Best Netflix Original Comedy Movies, Ran...

“The Meyerowitz Stories.” Netflix Netflix Efforts in the field of original comedy films have produced mixed results, with a stark disparity between its best and its worst films. This year the Diffusion service has extended its four-film production contract with Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions for a period of four other films (eight in total). […]

Hollywood Turkish Film Fest “fulfills a

HOLLYWOOD The Hollywood Turkish Film Festival is a project that the Turkish film industry has long dreamed of, according to the festival organizer. Speaking at the festival’s opening ceremony in Hollywood on Friday, Barbaros Tapan said the event will provide a platform for Turkish cinema to be shown in Hollywood. “Each year, nominated for an […]