HEBER CITY, Utah, November 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Riders Collectiv is a new online portal dedicated to connecting iconic action sports brands and athletes with their biggest fans through engaging content, unprecedented access and discounts and personalized offers.

Riders Collectiv has partnered with Cloutchain, a revolutionary new brand engagement platform, to deliver an experience that leverages the added value of Web3 technology, but without the speculative nature and volatility of cryptocurrency and NFT markets. Aaron Guyet, the co-founder of Cloutchain, believes that “we’re not trying to bring people to Web3, but we’re bringing the value of Web3 to people.” For Cloutchain, it’s about showing the world that recent technological innovations can be implemented in a way that doesn’t require high-risk speculation or frustrating levels of complexity.

Riderscollectiv.com is launched with a powerful syndicate of action sports brands led by Kemper Snowboards, Gordon & Smith and Resulting Impact Film Productions. Jib Hunt, CEO of Kemper Snowboards, said, “We partnered with Riders Collectiv because of their mission to bring the action sports community together and celebrate meaningful connections between participating brands, athletes and their most passionate fans. devoted.

Eric Gordon of Gordon & Smith explains “We are building our digital museum with the help of Riders Collectiv and now G&S fans have the opportunity to become active collectors and part of a much larger community.”

Riders Collectiv fans will be able to purchase collectibles in the form of digital passport cards issued by participating brands and athletes. These cards can be purchased with a credit or debit card and will be shuffled and randomized upon purchase. Once revealed, each card will unlock exclusive content, perks, engagement, and in some cases, products. Buyers will unlock rewards based on the specific cards they receive and the number of cards they collect over time. This concept resembles traditional collectible cards, but mixed with airline miles and delivered through a VIP-only loyalty platform.

Matthew Melinco-owner of Resulting Impact Film Productions, explains “As an independent film company, Web3 is a game-changer for us. Smart contract platforms are forever changing the way independent films, especially documentary film companies, obtain funding from their film projects. Rewarding supporters for investments in film projects, large and small, can play a vital role in branding future films and it’s just plain fun. It’s one of the main reasons why we partnered with Riders Collective.

Riders Collectiv strives to become the leading digital partner platform within the action sports community by helping brands and athletes grow and strengthen their fan experiences and loyalty programs. Action sports brands and athletes of all sizes will have the ability to create a free account where they can highlight customizable perks, discounts, content and products that can be unlocked by their fans and followers.

With a unique offering of digital collectibles, Riders Collectiv is designed for rapid mainstream adoption by making the experience enjoyable, relevant, and above all, simple.

About Riders Collective

Riders Collectiv is the premier online portal showcasing legendary action sports brands and athletes while offering their fans and followers varying levels of membership perks, benefits, product giveaways and experiences.

About Cloudchain

Cloutchain is a next-generation brand engagement platform that powers direct and meaningful connections between brands and their most dedicated fans. Cloutchain provides relevant and exclusive content, offers exciting discounts and giveaways, and engages fans with its “Brand Bounty” concept.

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